Novice Online Business Solutions (NOBS)

by That Helpful Chick

NO – B.S. Techy Mastermind is our live coaching/support program, designed to help you understand all of your tech for your business.  NO – B.S. gives access to our Beginner’s WP Course, for life! 

The month long program includes:

  • 4+ hours of live group coaching per month, staffed by our expert instructors. Sessions take place over zoom and screen-sharing
  • Ticket support for all WordPress, Internet Marketing and Social Media issues
  • Access to our Private Facebook group
  • Access to How To Tutorial Videos and Trainings
  • 1 – 1-on-1 call towards the end of the program
  • 1-on-1 call to get you started and find out your needs 
  • Instant Access to Trainings You NEED!

NO – B.S. Techy Mastermind, our live coaching/support program, is our 5 week long Intensive Training on everything you need to know for the technical side of your business.  You come on the calls, ask your questions, and, if you wish, turn over your website to your instructor who will make immediate changes.  Sharing the time with others can be useful as well, as you learn from the problems others are having.

Here is everything you get with the NO – B.S. Techy Mastermind

Group Coaching

  • 4 hrs/mo of live drop-in coaching groups (unlimited attendance)
  • Coaching groups are through Zoom video calls and happen morning time in EST time zone (all sessions recorded)

Ticket/Live Support

  • Submit your pressing questions to our help desk and receive a response within hours
  • Video responses to your questions which will be added to the membership area for all members to learn from

Beginner’s WordPress Blueprint (self-study course)

  • Learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch.
  • Even if you have no technical knowledge you can build a website with Beginners WordPress Blueprint – Covers almost all the WordPress user interface along with important concepts (themes, plugins, images etc)
  • Everything broken down into simple steps that are easy to follow

New Content Added Often in Your Member’s Area

  • At least once a month, we will add a new tutorial video to your member’s area
  • Topics will be one’s of our choosing
  • Bonus videos will be responses to YOUR questions!

Private Facebook Group Access

  • Interact with us and other members
  • Ask questions and learn from each other
  • Topics can be anything: WP, marketing, emails, SEO, etc
  • NO Spamming or self-promotion allowed

Instant Access to Trainings You NEED for Your Business

  • How to Communicate in Your Business (elements of your website so you can communicate with your VA, correct terminology for all of your tech)
  • WP Basics (detailed above)